May 31

Just a simple reminder to help you navigate this day. Your grasp on God isn’t nearly as important as His grasp on you. As a pastor, I try to understand the ways and the will of God. However, to be quite honest, there are somethings I just don’t understand. The good news, and what I’ve come to realize, is I don’t have to understand. Scripture reminds us: “As high as the heavens are above, so are his ways above ours.” So as his child, I trust him because he’s God.

Life to me has always been like a jigsaw puzzle. You and I struggle to find where the pieces fit together. We start with the boarder, searching for the straight edge pieces. Even that’s a difficult process. We separate all the other pieces according to their colors and shapes. It takes hours and sometimes days to piece this picture together. Not with God. He sits down and starts putting it all together. He works quickly and without hesitation. One can almost hear him saying: “ This goes here and that goes there.” And bam

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